The workshop will consist of two short courses, talks and poster presentation. It is aimed at graduate students and will focus on various aspects of  population dynamics and ecosystem functioning.

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  Preparing Posters

  Posters should be prepared in Portrait format and should be no larger than 90cm by 120cm.

  All the lectures will take place at the Auditório of the Colégio Politécnico, UFSM.


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    Christina Cobbold (University of Glasgow, UK)   

Mean occupancy time: linking mechanistic movement models and landscape ecology to population persistence

Lecture Cobbold

Daniel Campos Moreno (Universidad de Barcelona, Spain)

Search research: current state of knowledge on the target problem
    Lecture Campos

Adriano Gomes Garcia (Universidade ed São Paulo/ESALQ, Brasil)

Applied computational modelling to support studies on agricultural pest management considering the landscape

Lecture Garcia

   Sergei Petrovskii
(University of Leicester, UK) 

   Mathematics of Dispersal: When being different becomes important
   Lecture Petrovskii_1
   Lecture Petrovskii_2

   Wilson Castro Ferreira Jr. (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brasil)

    Patterns of Deception: Wit and Chance in Mimicry Dynamics


Max O. Souza (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brasil)

Mathematical Aspects of Evolution

Natalia Petrovskaya (University of Birmingham, UK)

Computational Approaches in Mathematical Ecology

Lecture Petrovskaya_1
      Lecture Petrovskaya_2
      Lecture Petrovskaya_3

    Poster Session

     Diomar Mistro, Luiz Alberto Díaz Rodrigues and Salvador Lou Vega (Santa Maria, Brazil)

   Contact: dcmistro@gmail.com, ladiazrodrigues@gmail.com

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