Federated Ecosystem for Offering, Distribution, and Execution of Virtual Network Functions


The focus of this project is to project, develop and implant an ecosystem for offering, distribution, and execution of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). This ecosystem presents itself as a unique system of its kind, and enables the distribution of both networks functions and services, in a manner that is akin to virtual marketplaces (e.g., Google Play and Apple Store). The provided ecosystem also encompasses a platform for executing VNFs, leveraging both FIBRE/FUTEBOL islands and the RNP Internet Data Center.
Such functions can be created and used by both partnerships institutions (CAFe federation) and RNP (Brazilian National Research and Educational Network) Points of Presence (PoPs). In this context, the FIBRE islands (for traditional network functions), FUTEBOL (for wireless network functions), and the IDC (remote execution) are adequate infrastructures/testbeds to use NFV. The FENDE ecosystem can also be used in infrastructures decoupled from RNP. For this, the network operator should only follow the FENDE guidelines.
One important aspect of FENDE ecosystem is that it also allows the management of the virtualized environment, which includes the service chains management to help in the creation of many network functions to supply a determined network service. Finally, the wide scope of FENDE is to provide an easeful way to developers, network operators, and network researchers can be able to create, offer and distribute VNFs by using an ecosystem similar to mobile distribution applications platforms.


Currently, the project is able to provide:

Figure 1. Conceptual Architecture of Ecosystem for Network Functions