MPDE12 Abstract Book

The next meeting of the serie,MPDE13, will be in Osnabrück,Germany

MPDE13 26-29 August 2013, University of Osnabrück

Frequently asked questions

A short list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) relating to the PMDE12 meeting is now available to download here. We will update this with any new questions as they arise.

A copy of the provisional timetable is now available to view here.
Please note that the timetable is provisional and the order and timing may change slightly before the meeting.

The meeting will take place at the auditorium of the Colégio Politécnico at UFSM. Please, find the UFSM map here.

For your convenience, you can find the Santa Maria map here.

Preparing talks and posters:

Please note that contributed talks should be 15 minutes long and hence the timetable allows for up to 5 minutes for questions and changeover. Plenary  talks will be 50 minutes long.

Talks should be formatted to display on a standard Windows computer (i.e. Powerpoint or Pdf formats).

Posters should be prepared in Portrait format and should be no larger than 90cm by 120cm.


The meeting will focus on various aspects of population dynamics and ecosystem functioning and is expected to explore the processes and mechanisms ranging from the micro-scale of individual movement to the macro-scale of populations and communities, with applications to metapopulations, regional dynamics and geographical invasions. It is also expected to explore similarities between the modelling techniques traditionally applied in ecology and those used in other life sciences with the purpose to enhance interdisciplinary approaches and to stimulate further advances in mathematical ecology and population dynamics.

The scope of the conference is outlined by (although not necessarily restricted to) the following topics:

* population dynamics and ecological complexity                       
* biological invasions and spread of epidemics                               
* behavioral ecology                                                                 
* collective dynamics                                                                
* individual animal movement
* ecological pattern formation
* evolutionary dynamics
* epidemiology and ecoepidemiology
Confirmed plenary speakers (in alphabetic order):                  
Bernd Blasius (Oldenburg, Germany)                               
Nick Britton (Bath, UK)                                             
Wilson Castro Ferreira Jr. (Campinas, Brazil)
Ulrike Feudel (Oldenburg, Germany)
Alan Hastings (Davis, USA)
Mark Lewis (Edmonton, Canada)
Horst Malchow (Osnabrück, Germany)
Sergei Petrovskii (Leicester, UK)
Vitaly Volpert (Lyon, France)                                                    

Advisory Scientific Committee

Nick Britton (Bath, UK)
Edward Codling (Essex, UK)
Wilson Castro Ferreira Jr. (Campinas, Brazil)
Nitant Kenkre (Albuquerque, USA)
Horst Malchow (Osnabrück, Germany)

Diomar Mistro (Santa Maria, Brazil), Luiz Alberto Díaz Rodrigues (Santa Maria, Brazil), Sergei Petrovskii (Leicester, UK)

Contact: mpde12@ufsm.br

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