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The Workshop on Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry - WSIC - will be held in Bento Goncalves-RS, a small touristic town in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, characterized by the influence of Italian colonization, and holding an important industrial area (Valley of the Vineyards).

Brazil is in a current stage of development and has shown a high deficiency of skilled human resources in various areas. This workshop aims to discuss problems related to this lack of professionals and encourage the uptake of human resources to the area of Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry.

An assessment of the economic activities of various countries shows that extractive activities are characteristic of underdeveloped countries and countries with high ability to process chemical transformations in small or large scale in order to aggregate value to raw materials can be considered developed.

Based on these initial ideas, we intend to contribute to the improvement of the training of human resources and increasing the number of professionals working with processes of synthesis of various inorganic compounds, ranging from simple to more specific materials of interest, such as coordination compounds, standards for measuring physical-chemical properties, inorganic polymers, metallomacrocyclic compounds, catalysts, organometallics, boron and silicon based compounds, new nanostructured materials, using, wherever possible, national raw materials.

Ilustration's credits:
Hogshead (Main entrance of the city): Almir Dupont;
Barrels: Gilmar Pontes;
Vineyard: Fabiano Mazzotti;
Steam locomotive: Almir Dupont;
Waterfall and bridge: Acervo SEMTUR
The photos were a courtesy of the Secretariat for Tourism of Bento Gonšalves

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